With loop handle

Application area:
  • Салоны парфюмерии, косметики;
  • Бутики;
  • Для любых магазинов в качестве элитной упаковки.
  • Используемый материал: ПНД, ПСД, ПВД;
  • Ширина: от 30 до 70 см;
  • Высота: от 30 до 70 см;
  • Толщина: от 50 до 90 мкм;
  • Цветность: до 8 цветов (полноцвет).


Packages with loop handle - the best among fashion package

When you want to make the package really "working" advertising platform, you must make sure that the image has seen as many people as possible. With "Mike" this task is difficult to accomplish, because the shape of the container varies depending on the fullness kind of "banana" spoil slits for hands.

The ideal solution are the packages with loop handle. Their price is higher than that of analogues but also better properties. In such a package can be applied to any image, it is always good to read, since taken out the handle upwards, and no side creases - container retains its shape, what would you put there either. The audience will perceive your advertising well.

Package "loop" is usually used boutiques, salons cosmetics and perfumes - an elite image-packaging. Its shape is attractive and so, so your task - to develop a good design. The manufacture will be engaged experts in their field - ArtPack.

Production of packages with loop handle in ArtPack

We guarantee the exceptional quality of the product, because it contains a complete production cycle. Buy only raw materials and pigments. The polyethylene film is low, medium and high density make yourself. For packages of the "loop" usually produce a durable polyethylene thickness of 50-90 microns on your choice.

The size of the container 30h70sm that is considered to be the standard for effective advertising placement. The average package size suitable for most goods stores, as they are convenient to consumers.

The image on the loop handle packets applied by screen printing (screen) or by flexographic printing. Available in both monochrome and full-color (8 colors) - will implement even the most vivid and unusual logo.

Dates of manufacture and the price of production determined by the volume of the party and the method of drawing. For orders from 500 to 5000 units, we offer screen printing. It is not cheap, but the whole game can be completed in 5-7 days. For flexographic printing for each new project to do individual clichés, so production time 14-21 days. Unit cost of such products are much cheaper, but in the flexographic printing method takes volumes of 5,000 pieces or 100 kg.

ArtPack works with large and small companies throughout Ukraine. Clients from Dnepropetrovsk packages with loop handle we deliver free of charge on the same day, which completes the seal. Transportation to other cities takes 1-2 days and is paid at the rates the company's carrier. But do not be afraid of postage, printing cost miscalculation request, and you will see that we offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

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