Application area:
  • Presentations;
  • Promotions;
  • Trade fairs;
  • Exhibitions;
  • Any event where you have to say
  • currently without a large investment of money in the package.
  • Used for the manufacture of the material - LDPE and HDPE 50 microns raznoe density;
  • Available sizes to select packages: 20x30, 30x40, 40x50
  • Available colors Package: white, red, blue, black, yellow and silver;
  • All packages have a reinforced handle;
  • All packets are 3cm bottom tab;
  • Colour: up to 4 colors (colors without strict raster);
  • "Banana" packet size 20x30 (without amplification knob and Dona tab);
  • Packages "banana" in size 30x40 and 40x50 (with gain knob, and Dona tab);
  • "Shirt" packet size 36 (7h2) h57sm, 23mkm and 40 (10x2) h60sm, 30MKM (rustling);
  • Minimum order - from 500 pieces.


High-quality screen printing on packages in small batches in a short time

Silkscreen called patterning in the polyethylene, paper, fabric, plastic through the clichés of silk, nylon mesh. This printing method is widely used in the middle of the last century, but it remains popular to this day.

It compares favorably with flexography terms of order execution, ability to print a small edition of products (500 pieces), and image quality. Figure get relief, bright and juicy, it is not lubricated, perfectly resists adverse environmental influences. Water-based paints are completely harmless to humans and animals.

How is and how much time it takes to print by screen printing? Our offers

ArtPack provides full-cycle production. We do yourself a blank stamp on an extruder of polyethylene of low and high density, or combinations thereof. Then apply the image, consisting of 1-4 flowers on the stencil machine. Use new equipment to implement full compliance with the layout of shades.

After drying, the sleeves, printing on packages enters final stage - cutting, soldering, forming slotted knobs or hinges. Price per unit of output as the time depends on the size of your package "banana" or "T-shirt". Also, the role played by the number of colors, number of copies, type of polyethylene.

To learn more, make a miscalculation. We guarantee that our offer price you'll like. Furthermore, the packages will be ready in 5-7 days after the approval of the model. In Dnepropetrovsk will deliver game free for a day at the end of the production process. Working with us, you save time, money and effort.

ArtPack accepts orders for printing silkscreen from customers in any part of Ukraine. Finished goods arrive at the warehouse of the selected carrier in your town 2-5 days after dispatch of the Dnieper. Targeted delivery is also possible but is more expensive.

Screen printing is a traditional method used to produce packages for presentations, promotions, events and other fashion events. However, among our clients are boutiques, electronics stores, accessories. Reasonable prices printed on packages of ArtPack allow you to give out to their customers free of charge, getting the best indicators of loyalty and increasing brand awareness.

Further advantages:
Undoubtedly, the main advantage
by screen printing to flexography
- Minimum circulation;
The colors on the package look much brighter,
than using flexography.
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