Package without handles

Application area:
  • Packaging Bulk foods (cereal, flour, sugar);
  • Packaging of bakery products;
  • Packaging of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets;
  • Packaging him.veschestv (building mixtures, solutions.);
  • Packaging or small sized goods.
  • The material used: HDPE, PSD, PST;
  • Width: from 15 to 75cm, the devil painting - up to 120cm;
  • Height: 20 to 75cm, without painting - up to 120cm;
  • Thickness: 12 to 150mkm;
  • Color: up to 8 colors (full color).


Packaging bags without handles from ArtPack

Small packets of thin polyethylene is in every store. They are used in the packaging, as well as help to divide a large number of goods to smaller parties. Dense products, often with an adhesive strip are used in the production, use courier services and other companies. Packages are so varied that they are impossible to describe. They only have one thing in common - the lack of handles.

It demands as transparent bags and painted, coated with a logo, advertisement, useful information. We can make absolutely any type, including kraft bags. The maximum size for a packet unpainted - 120x120 cm; for colored - from 15h20sm to 75h75sm.

Cancellation kraft packages, description ArtPack opportunities

We do not use blanks for printing, and produce their own using an extruder. You can order bags of polyethylene of low, medium and high density thickness of 12-150 microns. For the production of colored packing pellets of raw materials added coloring pigment.

If you need logo drawing, picture or text on the product, using silkscreen printing method for orders edition of 500 copies or flexography - 5000 pcs. Available both monochrome and full-color (8 colors) printing.

Package Price without handles depends on the chosen materials, colors, images, application methods. Small bags of fine material (6-12 mm) without pattern produce quickly. Printing using silkscreen takes 5-7 days. Flexography requires individual manufacturing cliches, because of which the production time ranges from 14 to 21 business days.

The project goes to work immediately after the approval of the model and the prepayment. We ship products all over Ukraine forces transport companies. Shipping cost is determined by the carrier's tariffs for selected conditions you. Customers from Dnepropetrovsk receive ready-made bags without handles at the closing of the production. Delivery free city.

ArtPack counting on a long and fruitful cooperation with you. We work with young brands and market leaders, offering the best conditions and democratic value of the services. Fill in the form on the website or give us a call, and you no longer pay attention to the advertising of competitors.

Further advantages:
Low-cost packageVersatilityEase of fabrication


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