A package with a cut handle

Application area:
  • Магазины любых направлений;
  • Под запайку для расфасовки кормов, строительных смесей и т.д.;
  • В качестве рекламы на выставках и ярмарках;
  • Для поддержания корпоративного стиля.
  • Используемый материал: ПНД, ПСД, ПВД;
  • Ширина: от 15 до 75см, без покраски – до 100см;
  • Высота: от 20 до 75см, без покраски – до 100см;
  • Толщина: от 15 до 150мкм;
  • Цветность: до 8 цветов (полноцвет);
  • Усиленная или не усиленная ручка.


ArtPack - will make "banana" bags for any purpose

Among all known types of packets, "Banana" by popularity bypasses Only "T-shirt". But if the past created for dimensional objects, shopping in supermarkets, etc., that are the first advertising goals. They always look stylish, they have a concise form, but remain strong and roomy.

Excellent properties - the key to success. Packages with slotted handle - an indispensable attribute of exhibitions and presentations, image product for stores selling electronics, accessories, boutiques, etc. They help maintain corporate identity and increase brand awareness. The main thing - to order the packets in the correct place on favorable terms.

Bag production conditions with punchy handle

We make packages in a closed cycle, buying only the paint and polyethylene granules of high and low density. Extruder, blown film sleeve thickness from 15 to 150 microns, which can display any image using a screen printing or flexo printing. Available in both monochrome and full color printing (8 colors).

Next, the sleeve is sent on a special machine, where the cutting, soldering and punching handle. For larger packages recommend ordering extra gain knob and the bottom seal. This affects not critical value products, but makes it more durable and wear resistant.

You can buy packages "banana" and any image in the overall dimensions of 15x20 cm and 75x75 cm maximum size -. Meter on the meter, but such articles impossible to dye, that negates all of their marketing potential.

Terms of fulfillment of your order depends on the load equipment. Once the layout agreed upon, and our bill came full or partial prepayment, the project goes into production. If you chose to screen printing (silkscreen) in a small print run, the party will be ready in 5-7 days.

Flexography - process is longer, but also cheap on the volume. For such printing requires the production of individual clichés of rubber or photopolymer, so the standard batch production time of 5000 pieces and more - 14-21 days.

Newbies packages "banana" will go to you immediately. Ukraine Delivery takes 1-2 days and is being implemented with the help of top shipping companies. If you are in Dnepropetrovsk, bring goods for free on the same day as the finish production of the entire party. Prices and conditions of work like you - please call or ask for rendering via the website.


Further advantages:
Оптимальная цена межу пакетом
«майка» и пакетом с петлевыми ручками
Пакет с прорезной ручкой «банан»
 – лучший вариант для рекламы на упаковке
Минимальные тиражи на
пакет «банан» в 3 раза ниже, чем
на пакет с петлевыми ручками.
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