Package T-shirt

Application area:
  • Идеально  подходит для продуктовых магазинов и супермаркетов;
  • Для упаковки и переноски габаритных изделий;
  • Аптеки, строительные магазины и т. д.
  • Используемый материал: ПНД, ПСД, в редких случаях - ПВД;
  • Ширина: от 21 до 75см, бес покраски – до 90см;
  • Высота: от 35 до 75см, без покраски – до 90см;
  • Боковые складки: от 5 до 30см;
  • Толщина: от 12 до 90мкм;
  • Цветность: до 4 цветов;
Packet Payload:
Размер пакета «майка»:Выдерживает вес до:
28 х 50 см при толщине 16 мкм5 кг
30 х 60 см при толщине 18 мкм8 кг
38 х 60 см при толщине 20 мкм10 кг
44 х 70 см при толщине 25 мкм15 кг


Packages "shirt" with your company logo. Printing in ArtPack

The most massive, widespread and convenient form of packages - a classic "shirt." They are characterized by low cost, but excellent carrying capacity, ease of transportation and a large area for your advertising.

Almost all the major supermarket chains are using packages "vest" with the logo, and one of them even managed to crank out a massive advertising campaign, asking buyers to send a photo with the package. If you still think what type of package to choose, "vest" will be practical and simple, universal solution.

Production of packages such as "Mike" in ArtPack

"T-shirts" made by extrusion of polyethylene granules of low and medium density, very rarely - high density. The resulting film thickness of 12-90 microns stained for Flexographic. Typically used four-color printing, however, possible, and full-color, on request.

After a special machine forms the film in the hole strong, but thin packages "vest" with side folds, through which increases spaciousness. We offer production of packages ranging from 75x75 cm to 21h35 cm can also make a non-colored 90x90 cm. - A simple solution for those who do not plan to use the full marketing potential of container or believes that advertising on the package will be superfluous.

Your order will go to the production line immediately after the approval of the model and preliminary full or partial payment. Since the production of flexographic printing provides individual flexible plate for each new project party production takes from 14 to 21 calendar days. Minimum order - 100 kg of the product - it's about 5000 packages.

As soon as the "T-shirt" bags with the logo will come out of the machine, we will immediately ship the goods by the carrier chosen by you to any city in Ukraine. Targeted delivery is also available, but is more expensive. Transport usually takes 1-2 days depending on your location. Customers from Dnepropetrovsk can benefit from free delivery on the same day to discuss any other method of obtaining an order with our manager.

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Advertisement packet was not so cheap and efficient. It is used as a developing brands and recognized, major market players. To receive a personal offer, please contact us by phone or leave your request via the website. With packages from ArtPack, you'll reach a huge audience of potential customers.

Further advantages:
Пакеты типа «майка»
– самый дешевый вид пакета
 Пакеты «майка» благодаря своей конструкции
имеют гараздо большую прочность при
меньшей толщине чем пакет «банан»
Пакеты «майка» имеют самую
высокую вместительность
в сравнении с другими пакетами.
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