Flexography - printing method using a flexible printing plate mounted on the cylinder shafts of different diameters. It requires a high circulation of bag making (from 5 000sht), but at an affordable price.

Production of flexo printing method in a package ArtPack

Advertising packages are often more effective than any billboards, commercials on TV or promotion on the Internet, because you get an unlimited number of times, raise brand awareness and media stands none other than your clients. The main thing in this case - to choose the right method of printing and a reliable supplier of products.

ArtPack makes you the best offer - flexographic printing on packages of all popular formats and sizes. The minimum amount for an order - just 100 kilograms (about 5,000 pieces). Product quality is not in doubt, since we keep a complete production cycle and carefully control every stage of production and printing.

You can order:

Package with a slotted handle "Banana" - a typical fashion option;
Package "Mike" - a spacious and popular;
Package with loop handles - a gift or fashion;
Packing bags without handles - for industrial enterprises.
Available package sizes from 15x15 cm to 90x120 cm.

The manufacturing process and flexo printing

After agreeing on the layout, select the type of product and edition, starts production. Depending on your preference and the size, we use polyethylene LDPE (glossy and dense), HDPE (matt, thin but highly durable) or an alloy of LDPE + HDPE.

With the extruder blown plastic sleeve. After cooling, the material gets on the machine for flexo printing. Future packets pass through the shafts with flexible pad that is specially made of rubber or photopolymer for each specific project. We use four, six or eight-car, getting the maximum number of colors up to 6 + 6.

The final step - cutting and soldering on a special machine. It is loaded already stamped sleeve of a film thickness of 12-120 microns. The machine under computer control accurately cuts the fabric without damaging the image and preventing displacement. After otrez sealed if necessary glued or slotted knob.

Next we fasuem products and send you to the party. In Dnepropetrovsk free delivery within days after the completion of production. The other cities in Ukraine - 2-5 business days, paid at the rates chosen carrier company.

Flexo stamp on the packages we have passed in a short time - 14-21 days, depending on the management of congestion. By choosing us, you get a product of high quality for reasonable money. Call us or make a request at the site to find out more.

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