The company “ArtPak”- aperspective young team of professionals who not so long ago entered the market of polyethylene packing , but has already shown excellent quality and shortest terms of production (10-14days).

The company is working with both large wholesale network, and with the young developing business. We offer you collaboration in the manufacturing of packaging for your production and advertising.


  • Flexography — a printing method using flexible printing cliche placed on the cylindrical shafts of different diameters. Requires a large number of production packages (from 3.000pieces), but at an acceptable price.
    * Die cut handle package;
    * “T-shirt” package;
    * Package with a loop handle;
    * Package without handles.

  • Screen printing (silkscreen) — method of reproduction of drawings with the help of stencil — printing plate, through which the ink penetrates the polyethylene. The method allows to produce small number of packages (100 pieces), but at a high enough price;
  • * Package with rigid handle.

Packages with logo are the original embodiment of ideas

Nowadays, one of the most practical and needed thing is ordinary package. It will be uncomfortable for you without it at home, on your trips, on marketing, or during the various events. Today, one of the most distinctive feature of such packages is flex- printing- special method of drawing pictures. Not always packages look standardly; such types of these products are enough for incarnate idea with the drawing pictures, which will become original.

Quality and attractive print on the packages (Dnepropetrovsk), also included the limited number of products of different samples, very often becomes the part of work for creation the positive image of companies and enterprises. Special technology provides brightness and color saturation and right thought out semantic load is necessary perception of information, which is given through the pictures.

Package, as we know, plays very important role both for perception of contents, and for general impression, whether it is a gift, prize or presentation sample of products. Just packages with logo attract rather attention, interest and make bright impression, and in the same time help people to remember the information, which you need. Considering the practicalness of the most people, packages stay in everyday of their life for a long time and are used many times. Accordingly, such products can be compared with business cards - but only they are in sight, and thus attract more attention - not just the owner, but also people around them.

If you have the necessity in package, which is beautiful and supports information, – at your service manufacturing (production) of polyethylene packages with the logo of the company (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) with a guarantee of quality and timely execution of orders.

We are ready to make your ideas originally!

Company " Artpak " produces flexoprinting, printing on packages (Dnepropetrovsk), packages with the logo.
You can order manufacturing (production) polyethylene packages with the logo of the company (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine).